Guest Blogging – Should I do it in 2017 ?

The debate and analysis are always going on in SEO – Link Building, i analyze alot as a noob so imagine what Matt Cutts or Brian Dean will be doing. Guest Blogging has been a solid link building technique for past 2 decades, but does it still work? Is it still a reliable tactic?


See what Matt Cutts – May God Bless him {for all his SEO and Google work and contribution} has to say about Guest Blogging in 2017.


Here is what the SEO — world wide GODFATHER


Matt Cutts = Vito Caroleone



Look what he says about Guest Blogging back in 2014

Matt Cutts On Guest Blogging Evolution


Simple Rule – Whatever is Matt saying think like

~ Vito Corleone is saying in the movie Godfather


Don’t Worry folks, i will simplify it further {probably after 3-4 months}, after I get well and give more time to my site.


The rest is for you to decide —

“but it does’nt matter what ya think”!!! huh you GOT IT

you fucking moron @@@