20+ free ways to get clever backlinks —- in 2017

20+ free ways to get clever backlinks
to your blog–
-ankit singla-by btt-2017
>>>> write great and epic content;;;
stir a controversy,
write a gr8 case study,
provide facts and figures on ur findings;;
vlogging or video blogging,
>>>> get a “Link to us page” or section
>>>>  by networking & getng seen in places
vid potential readers
– conferences live events press events;;;
– forums;;
– q & a based sites;;
>>>> social media sites;;
google plus,
>>>> relationship blogng;;
>>>> release ur earning report;;;
>>>> organize a link carnival;;;
>>>> by giving interviews and conducting
them too;;;
>>>> create a unique or helpful tool that comes
handy for your industry
>>>> broken link checking;;;
>>>> conduct a massive bloger outreach & a post
on wat they say on a topic;;
>>>> benefit from content scrapers;;
>>>> creatng graphics;
media that can be reused;;;;
>>>> alexa ranking;;;
>>>> profile links;;;
>>>> be a woman;;;
>>>> guest posting;;
>>>> reverse guest posting;;;
>>>> republishng the social posts that are
already viral;;
>>>> be newsworthy;;;

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